About Steam Therapy

Steam Therapy

$30 | 12-15 minutes
As an add-on to another treatment: $20 | 12 minutes

Choose from

Detoxifying (pure steam)

Relaxing (lavender)

Therapeutic (eucalyptus)

 Steam treatments increase white blood cell count, lymphatic drainage and circulation. The skin is rejuvenated, the pores open and toxins are naturally moved out of the body. Known to be not only relaxing, but to reduce swelling, relax muscles, increase metabolism, clear sinuses, hydrate skin, loosen fatty tissue to aid the breakdown of cellulite, boost the immune system and give you a flushed, youthful look that lasts for hours after the treatment. We recommend a steam treatment before a massage or body treatment.

Add on to any massage or body treatment:

Steam shower
$20 | 12 minutes

Hand or foot treatment w/paraffin

Honeylift face massage

Scalp massage

$20 l 15 minutes  


$40 l 30 minutes  

Energy Bodywork


About Steam Therapy
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