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Teeth Whitening

BleachBright professional teeth whitening treatment

Results after just one treatment

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What is BleachBright?
BleachBright is a new, safe and effective teeth whitening system guaranteed to rapidly produce a noticeably brighter and whiter smile. Most people get results 4-6 shades lighter.

Using our patented one size fits all double sided mouthpiece/lens, you will receive foam strips that are impregnated with a special whitening gel and other essential ingredients. A patented spectrum blue LED (ADT-1500SP), with precise settings, is positioned between the upper and lower teeth. This formulation forces activation. Hydrogen peroxide and oxygen will break into water molecules and free oxygen radicals. The oxygen radicals combined with carbon-based molecules in the stained teeth proceed to make all stains clear. This process will penetrate the tooth enamel but will not damage the enamel. Once the stains are removed, they will then attach themselves to the form strips. This is referred to as a physical stain removal at the speed of light.

With BleachBright most people will experience no irritation, no bleeding, no burning, just a white smile at the speed of light.

 How long does it last?
Two to four years is not unusual, but we do recommend that you now care for your newly bleached teeth with our new era formulated KeepWhite Pen. Typically, we recommend pursuing another treatment in about six months.

How often should I use the maintenance product, KeepWhitePen?

 We would recommend it as a daily maintenance and to use it especially for special events, dates, and/or engagements; anytime you are meeting with the public.

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