About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a classic method of employing water to promote wellness and healing. It is a practice that dates back as far as ancient Greece. Benefits of hydrotherapy include increased blood circulation, detoxification, remineralization and stress relief. Let your worries wash away.!

Our Hydrotub is a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy treatment center fully equipped with color therapy lights, vichy shower and steambath. Enjoy the benefits of colored light therapy by choosing one steady color or a continuous circuit of changing hues. Choose colors that suit your mood or address specific imbalances.

Allow yourself 15-20 minutes in your schedule after your soak to rest in our Quiet Zone to experience increased benefits from these relaxing treatments. We recommend a Color Therapy Hydro Spa Soak prior to massage.

A good hydrotherapy treatment will increase blood circulation, detoxify, restore minerals to the skin and relieve stress. Ours goes a step further by employing color therapy lights. This treatment is recommended prior to any massage to deepen and intensify the relaxation to weary muscles.

Color Therapy Hydro Spa Soaks

As an add-on to another treatment: $30
Choose from one of four soaks:

Add on to any massage or body treatment:

Steam shower
$20 | 12 minutes

Color therapy spa soak
$30 | 20 minutes

Hand or foot treatment w/paraffin

Honeylift face massage

Scalp massage

$20 l 15 minutes  


$40 l 30 minutes  

Energy Bodywork


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